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Transition Plan

We at WCC have a core philosophy that an important goal for each child in our program is to eventually be fully included in a program near their home as soon as their team believes he /she is ready to be successful there. We believe every child can reach their greatest potential when their team, which consists of the parents, service providers and school district personnel, works together to create goals, monitor progress and understand how the child learns.

To this end, we have a transition plan that is uniquely tailored to each individual child’s needs. It is refined with the parents and program specialist over the course of two years so that they are fully informed and prepared to meet the challenges of entering the appropriate typical educational programs near their home. This plan includes written information disseminated to the team, guided observations of various options done by the child’s teacher or therapist with the parents and most importantly a time line for the entire team to use as a visual map through the process of transitioning a child from our program to the most appropriate program available. 



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