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Our Staff

Our staff consists of highly trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping parents cope with and understand their child’s hearing loss.

Our team works together to provide support and information for families as they learn about communication and educational options for their deaf or hard-of-hearing child.


Executive Director: Kathleen Sussman

Director: Pam Hefner-Musladin

Director of Development: Marsha Eddleman

Teachers of the Deaf: Jan Christensen, Peggy Clifford, Karen Erickson, Sally Grenfell, Jenny Ignacio, Joan McLaughlin,  Sharon Nutini, Emily Plant, Vicki Ummel

SLPs: Amber Al-Azzawi, Jennifer Aguilar,  Julie Cooper, Patricia Gomez, Katie Knarr, Rachel Tempesta

Educational Audiologist: Lisa Tonokawa-Marcacci


Preschool (regular) Teachers: Angelica Aguilar, Michely Goncalves


Teacher AssistantsLaurie Bourque, Ian Merwin, Karen Merwin, Matt Nutini, Mia Ryan, Alicia Sepulveda


Occupational Therapist: Ann Brownstone, OT





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March 21: Charity Casino Tournament

April 9: Open House-6:00 pm

May 11: Tee Off Fore Our Kids Golf Tournament

May 25: Memorial Day Holiday

June 12: Last Day of School

July 6-31: Extended School Year

July 11: WCC Family Picnic

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