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Collaboration with School Districts

WCC contracts with over 37 different school districts to serve children with hearing loss. We participate in all IFSP/IEP meetings and collaborate with the team made up of the parents, district and our teacher and therapist. We work closely with both parents and program specialists to develop an individual transition plan for each child so that the goal of returning the child to their home district is met in a timely way. This means that we want to return the child to their home school by first grade. In the last ten years our demographic has shifted from ages 3 to 7 years of age to ages birth to five. Children with the help of today's technology: cochlear implants and digital hearing aids are returning to their districts by first grade.  

An important focus in our parent education program is fostering partnerships between parents and their school districts. 

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March 21: Charity Casino Tournament

April 10: Open House-8:30 am to 9:30 am

May 11: Tee Off Fore Our Kids Golf Tournament

May 25: Memorial Day Holiday

June 12: Last Day of School

July 6-31: Extended School Year

July 11: WCC Family Picnic

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