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Just one of the services we provide here at JWPOSD are thorough individual assessments for children attending our program as well as for deaf or hard of hearing children in other educational settings. We use the latest tests and techniques to determine the level your child has reached in their listening, language and speech skills. We also site those areas in which children may need further practice.

The process for off-site students involves a minimum of six sessions during which they will see a speech pathologist, teacher of the deaf and an occupational therapist so that a complete picture of the child can be drawn. A detailed report is written and described to parents at the end of the evaluation period. For more information please call 650-365-7500.

Following is a list of the assessments used. From this list we choose the most appropriate for your child's age and developmental level:

Ongoing Assessment Protocol:

  • Test of Auditory Comprehension
  • CELF-P
  • OWLS
  • DEAP
  • Language sample + CASSLS and/or SALT   

Intake Assessments (0-35 months):

  • Cottage Acquisition Scales of Speech, Language and Listening  (based on language sample)
  • HELP
  • Video tapes

Intake Assessments (36 months and up):

  • CASSLS (based on language sample)
  • TAC
  • DEAP
  • CELF-P
  • Vid



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