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Educational programs include:


  • Initial diagnostic evaluation sessions including language, speech, auditory, and cognitive skills
  • Ages 0-15 months- Parent/child therapy sessions once a week and a Play and Say class
  • Ages 15-24 months- Two individual therapy sessions and two parent/toddler playgroup a week
  • Ages 24-36 months- Individual therapy sessions and a playgroup 3 to 5 times a week
  • Ages 3-6 years- Individual therapy sessions and  class 5 times a week
  • A screening by an Occupational Therapist
  • Services by an Educational Audiologist who works in collaboration with the child's Managing Audiologist
  • Extended School Year

Desired Outcomes of Children's Educational Program

~Enhance maximal use of the infant’s residual hearing through appropriate amplification or cochlear implants

~Promote developmental patterns of listening, language, speech and cognition to stimulate natural   communication

~Integrate listening as a natural part of play and daily activities at home and in the community

~Enhance the child’s use of verbal communication and the ability to monitor their voices in order to enhance the intelligibility of their spoken language

~Teach children the pragmatic aspects of language 

 ~Utilize continual assessments to determine progress and to develop appropriate goals





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March 21: Charity Casino Tournament

April 10: Open House-8:30 am to 9:30 am

May 11: Tee Off Fore Our Kids Golf Tournament

May 25: Memorial Day Holiday

June 12: Last Day of School

July 6-31: Extended School Year

July 11: WCC Family Picnic

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