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Spend a day at JWPOSD, and join “Morning Music” where the children dance and sing. Visit preschool to catch up on the new words of the day, or spend time outside a therapy room and hear a 3 year old listening and identifying nursery rhymes. It’s all in a day here, where deaf and hard of hearing children learn to use their cochlear implants or hearing aids so they can hear, make sense of the sounds, and learn to speak. Each day is a step closer to independence for a child, a chance to fulfill promise, and a place for families to grow.

School district funding is rare in our 0-3 population, and difficult to obtain for children over 3. With increasing state budget cuts and the economic crisis, funding is becoming more and more difficult to obtain. At best, district or insurance will pay half of the $60,000 yearly cost to educate at child. Call us if you’d like more information, want to schedule a visit, or want to donate other than online, call (650) 365-7500

JWPOSD parents, Luann Aki and Tim Carlson sum their experience for their daughter and family:

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JWPOSD Benefit 2013 Video


January 14: Snow Day

January 22: Drama Center performing Elsa and the Seven Minions

January 29: Alumni Parent Panel

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