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Angel and his family are an example of how our JW community changes lives...

Angel was born profoundly deaf. His parents, Cinthia and Miguel, were overwhelmed and worried about what this meant for their child's future. After some time in their local school, they began researching educational options for their son. According to Miguel, "they dreamed big for their child and wanted to give Angel a fair chance to listen, speak and communicate" with the world around him. After receiving his cochlear implant, the family visited JWPOSD and immediately fell in love with the school. Miguel and Cinthia were touched when the staff reached out, offering kindness, hope and the guidance they needed as they began their journey in deafness.

Angel's parents shared that, "they believed in their son and hoped for a better life and wanted this opportunity for him." Given that they lived in Watsonville, travelling so far each day would be a severe hardship on the family. To fulfill their dream, Miguel would quit his job as a gardener to drive to Redwood City each day.

Immediately, Miguel began to care for our gardens and help with whatever else was needed around campus. It was clear he was a talented gardener and generous with his time. Miguel shared that the pain and grief he felt for his son was lessened when Angel began to attend our school. Volunteering was his way of expressing his thanks. Miguel's superb work and spirit was recognized and he is now JW's official gardener extraordinaire.

Angel is now four years old and just received his second implant. He is a charming and bright little boy who is making great progress in his listening and spoken language skills. The family is grateful for the education, community and resources they receive to help their son reach his fullest potential and lead an independent and fulfilling life.

Your support is critical and deeply appreciated so we can continue to help more students like Angel from the Bay Area and beyond.

On behalf of everyone here at JWPOSD, many thanks for your consideration of a gift that will help change the life of a child.

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