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Dear Friends,

I will never forget the first time I visited the Jean Weingarten Peninsula Oral School for the Deaf.  My husband and I had been struggling for months to find services for our hearing impaired son, Reese.  After being told by multiple sources that it was unlikely he would be able to learn to listen and talk (Reese was a late diagnosis, and didn’t get hearing aids until he was three and a half years old), we were beginning to run out of the hope that had fueled our search for services. Finally, I toured the classrooms at JWPOSD and saw children, just like my son, talking, learning, interacting and having fun.  I saw classroom after classroom of children who were listening and speaking, and I was overjoyed as I saw evidence that our hopes for Reese really were possibilities.

            The next two and a half years proved to be a time filled with hope and accomplishments. We saw our son, become a confident, happy person who was friends with everyone and was eager to work hard to please his teachers, therapists, and even his parents. It has not been an easy task to bring about this change in Reese, and it has been filled with many challenges; but the wonderful, skilled, and determined teachers and therapists at JWPOSD have gone above and beyond the call of duty. They have worked tirelessly and invested unbelievable amounts of time, patience, and most of all love as they have molded my special little boy into the talkative, self confident person he is today.

Our story has been much like preparing for a “trip of a lifetime.”  The difference is that we did not choose to take this trip. We did not have time to prepare; we did not have time to plan. We were thrust into this journey the moment we received the diagnosis of hearing loss, with no suitcases, no map, little guidance and no plan. But our journey has been blessed, as we found a wonderful group of tour guides, located in a little school in Redwood City, California who packed our bags for us, gave us tickets and an itinerary, and have showed us the way to turn what could have been a very tragic and painful experience into the most wonderful, rewarding journey.  Our family will always be grateful for the dedicated staff at JWPOSD.

As you decide where to send your year-end charitable gifts, we ask you to consider supporting JWPOSD.  Every donation makes a difference and your contribution will be a life-long gift! 

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Cindy Vines & Family

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